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1. CLASSES BEGIN ON October 31 and November 1, 2020

2. The books / Bible will be delivered on the first day of catechism. The student must bring his / her books and catechism notebook every Saturday and Sunday.

3. Please pay the total of the registration money and / or the book before January 2021.

4. The parents of the children must be registered in the Church of St. George and / or another Parish in the Diocese of Bridgeport, so that the child can be in the Catechism

5. 1. All the children of the Catechism Program are strongly invited to participate in MASS every Sunday at 1pm. (Exclusively children, due to space / place).

6. Children's attendance will be taken when they come to catechism. If you have MORE than 5 absences, you will lose the year. Only absences for serious reasons will be justified (this does not include for SPORTS, BIRTHDAYS, HOLIDAYS, etc.). Please notify the catechist in advance if he / she has to be absent and ask for the homework he / she missed.

7. Being punctual is extremely important when arriving and leaving class.

8. There will be a parent meeting every month. (It will be notified in advance).

9. There will be a meeting with the parents and the catechist to see the progress of your child.

10. Please REGISTER in the REMIND account by cell phone so that you know the announcements of the catechism or when a class is canceled. You can also view the website: or Facebook: St. GEORGE RC CHURCH.

11. The temperature of the children will be taken when they arrive.

12. Please, if your child has any flu symptoms or has been in contact with someone with

COV-19, they cannot come to church. And let the catechist know and / or speak with Sonia Ortiz- in charge of the Catechism Program.

13. The father and / or mother must sign when they leave the child for catechism and also when they pick him up.

14. SECOND YEAR STUDENT FOR CONFIRMATION must bring the following papers:

- Confirmation Certificate (Godfather and / or Godmother). If he's just single.

- Marriage Certificate by the Catholic Church if the godfather and / or godmother is married.

- Letter of Recommendation from the CHURCH where the Godfather and / or Godmother attends and / or is registered. Remember if you are not registered in the CHURCH they will not give you the letter.

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